Hyper casual game with simple graphics and game mechanics, very popular among gamers. These are very versatile games that are sure to appeal to people of different ages, social status and interests.

This is what makes Hyperkezhual games so popular. In this section, we have selected the best hyper-casual games from around the world that do not need to be downloaded and installed: play them online absolutely free!

As a rule, Hypercasual has very simple controls that do not require high concentration or special skills. Therefore, you can play such games on your phone or tablet on the bus, at a lecture, with a child in your arms.

In this case, the main control is taps or swipes. If you are playing such a game from a computer or laptop, you will control the game with arrows, clicks, or the touchpad.

The order of actions in casuals is usually clear and does not require additional instructions. Sufficiently short game sessions in Hypercasual will allow you to play such games in any free minute.

So, one pass attempt usually takes about half a minute, so you can take the time to play in small breaks between normal activities.

On our site, you can play various hyper-casual games without downloading and installing them on your device. Spend time with pleasure where and when you want.