Racing games overview

Outrun your racing cars in our high octane selection of the best online racing games. Whether you want to take part in car racing or take home all the glory of the checkered flag, you will still feel energized in these free online racing games!

Great for both kids and adult players.

Interesting facts about racing

In 1974, the first racing games were released. Originally it was car racing, however many other forms of racing games have since been released including drag racing games, motorcycle racing games, bike racing games and more.

The first racing games were created using low-resolution black and white graphics. Since then, online racing has come a long way!

Thanks to the development of esports, you can now become a pro in racing games. World championships in racing games are held annually, the most popular of which belong to the category of car racing.

Researchers at the University of Rochester have suggested that racing games, especially car games, can help you become a better driver thanks to the quick reactions required for racing games. Talk about being a brain game!

Additional benefits of racing games may include improved spatial attention, processing speed, and hand-eye coordination. So keep playing your favorite free online racing games today!