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Bejeweled tile matching games have been available online since 2001, marking the launch of the popular original PopCap title. Since then, a huge number of new games have been released, and we have collected the best of them for you! The game consists of a grid filled with bright gems and the player's goal is to swap gems to make combinations of three or more of the same gems. You can only swap two gems if they are directly next to each other, and the swap is only valid if it results in an instant match. When you make a combination, gems appear and disappear from the board. The gems above will fall down to fill in the gaps, and new gems will fall into the grid on top. You can increase your score and earn bonus items like bombs by creating a cascade. A cascade is a chain reaction where new gems falling into place also form gem combinations.

Match gems in various Bejeweled online game modes.

You can play Bejeweled in many different game modes. The available modes depend on the title you select. In the time trial mode, you must make as many combinations as possible before your time runs out. In most cases, you will be able to add extra time to the clock by creating multiple matches. Keep playing for as long as you can! In Lightning Rounds, the amount of time is fixed. The goal is to score as many points as possible. Some versions also have a zen mode, a relaxing version that has no time limit at all. In the quest mode, you need to complete different levels in a certain number of moves or time. Objectives might include clearing frozen cells or dropping certain items to the bottom of the board to collect them. In the quest mode, the shape of the board changes frequently, making the game more challenging. There are many amazing Bejeweled variations to discover, each with its own special tips and tricks, so browse through and find your favorite versions! For even more fun with our addictive games, check out our catalog of fun and challenging puzzles!

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HTML5 Game Definition

HTML5 games are primarily played online and are compatible with a wide range of devices, from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets.

HTML5 (the most commonly used term) combines modern web technologies (HTML 5 markup, CSS 3, and Javascript) to create complex multimedia applications. The HTML5 game allows you to play directly in modern web browsers without the need for third-party plugins. As such, it has now replaced the discontinued Flash and Unity web players as the technology of choice used to create games for the web browser.

Disadvantages of HTML5 Games

While they have the advantage of allowing play on mobile devices over the Internet, HTML5 games have some significant disadvantages when compared to web browser games built using older plug-in technologies such as Flash.

Most of these issues are due to the fragmented nature of the various web browsers used to play the game. Many of these problems can now be solved with tried, tested, and actively maintained libraries and engines for creating HTML5 games.