Slime Ball

Slime Ball


Welcome to the exciting world of cargams, where you get to experience football in a new and exciting way. This isn't your basic football game; in cargams, you're a slime! Yes, you read that right – in this 2D soccer game, your character is a vibrant, bouncing slime that enjoys playing football as much as any soccer enthusiast.

But the fun doesn't stop there! The unique concept of playing as a slime isn't the only thing that sets cargams apart from other soccer games. You have the option to play in two different game modes. If you want, you can play against the computer in a single-player mode, perfect for those moments when you want to hone your skills and enjoy playing at your own pace. If competition is more your style, then the two-player mode is just for you. Challenge a friend and see which slime conquers the football field!

Cargams additionally comes with various map options, each offering its own challenges and unique gameplay mechanics. Each game mode has its own fun gameplay twist, keeping you entertained and engaged at every turn. Regardless of the map you choose or the game mode you play, the joy and excitement remain consistent in cargams, ensuring players have a great time at all times.

Playing football as a slime definitely changes the gaming experience. You are not just controlling a general soccer player; you are connecting with your playful side and allowing yourself to see football in a different, more unique light. It's a refreshing twist reminiscent of childhood games that often mixed whimsy with traditional sports, making it a heartwarming homage for many players.

In conclusion, cargams has paved the way for avid football fans and gamers alike to experience football as they most likely have never done before. Being a slime, playing on diverse maps, and having the option to play in either single-player mode or two-player mode are just some of the many features that make cargams a fun-filled and thrilling game. If you're ready to step away from the conventional and step into excitement, cargams invites you to taste the delightful blend of classic soccer and whimsical fun. After all, who said that sports couldn't use a splash of vibrant slime?


Player 1 (Blue Slime) W: Jump A: Go left D: Go right Space: Shot Player 2 (Red Slime) Up Arrow: Jump Left Arrow: Go left Right Arrow: Go right P: Shot

What are Browser Games

A browser game or a "flash game" is a video game that is played via the internet using a web browser. They are mostly free-to-play and can be single-player or multiplayer.

Some browser games are also available as mobile apps, PC games, or on consoles. For users, the advantage of the browser version is not having to install the game; the browser automatically downloads the necessary content from the game's website. However, the browser version may have fewer features or inferior graphics compared to the others, which are usually native apps.

The front end of a browser game is what runs in the user's browser. It is implemented with the standard web technologies of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WebAssembly. In addition, WebGL enables more sophisticated graphics. On the back end, numerous server technologies can be used.

In the past, many games were created with Adobe Flash, but they can no longer be played in the major browsers, such as Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox due to Adobe Flash being shut down on December 31, 2020. Thousands of these games have been preserved by the Flashpoint project.

When the Internet first became widely available and initial web browsers with basic HTML support were released, the earliest browser games were similar to text-based Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs), minimizing interactions to what implemented through simple browser controls but supporting online interactions with other players through a basic client–server model.[6] One of the first known examples of a browser game was Earth 2025, first released in 1995. It featured only text but allowed players to interact and form alliances with other players of the game.